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bubblegum on my shoe

what´s up baby they call me donny
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100 x 100

Lotta. i dream a lot. cant take my life seriously because something else might be out there. my head is not anywhere near the ground im actually walking on. i´have a hard time figuring out what im supposed to do. i like to be by myself a lot. maybe its becasue people scare me sometimes. i drink too much coffee. i read too many magazines. i buy vinyls instead of cds. i listen to whatever makes me feel good. i use my photoshop a lot, too much actually because i now have trouble with my shoulders. i feel good when im at the cinema. i would like to work with something that involves editing. textures and color. i love flowers, tulips in particular. and the first signs of spring. im not happy with myself. but i try to work on that. theres a lot going on inside my head, but sometimes i have trouble converting that to words. im quite clumsy and sometimes i dont really think about what i say. i like to laugh. and sneeze. it really does make you feel alive. i read books. i like to hug. i like to dance. i love music.

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