what´s up baby they call me donny (im_my_own) wrote,
what´s up baby they call me donny


notes: a melody, a lyricline, a voice. just, something. to put the pieces back together.
(change xx to tt)
my delirium // ladyhawke
late night, waiting by the phone
tonight waiting for an answer
heartbeat drumming double time
I need one more chance to be near you

beach baby // bon iver
only hold till your coffee warms,
but don't hurry and speed

everybody but me(demo) // lykke li
though my jeans are too tight
don't feel like dancing
and all this light is too bright
don't feel like shining
though this room is too small
I'd rather stand against the wall
and hope that no one sees me-e-e-e-e

the raincoat song // the decemberists
Caroline, you're angry
cecause you sleep like a spinster
and you're twenty-eight
you've been thinking late
you couldn't catch a cold
bend your head double
In the goose down, piling all the pillows high
heave your fiercest sigh
and see if that'll work

lovefool (cardigans cover) // morning benders
mama tells me I shouldn't bother
that I ought to stick to another man
a man that surely deserves me
but I think you do

i need your loving kind // van morrison
well, I'm waiting for you patiently,
and the pain in my heart still yearns,
and I'm walkin' all along the banks
of the river where it turns.
Well, I need your kind of lovin'
for to last me for awhile.
sleepy tigers // her space holidays
and if Ive learned anything at all
in this short life of mine (it’s this)…
if you hear that joy has come to town
track it down, take a picture and tape it to your eyes

i can´t stay // the killers
the emotion it was, electric
and the stars, they all aligned
I knew I had to make my, decision
but I never made the time
no, I never made the time

night terror // laura marling
I woke up and he was screaming.
I'd left him dreaming.
I roll over and shake him tightly, and whisper "If they want you, then they're gonna have to fight me,"
(oh, fight me
each coming night // iron and wine
will you say to me when I'm gone:
"your face has faded but lingers on
because light strikes a deal with each coming night"

the lion fell inlove with the lamb // carter burwell
let me sign // robert pattinson
she spoke with a voice
that struck to the sky,
she said "hold on lover, yeah,
don't feel ashamed,
I will wrap you in my arms
and know that you'll be safe
let me sign, let me sign
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