it takes some words to make it work

it takes some words to make it work
note: when the world feels far away..

01 sleeping to dream : jason mraz (selection for friends)
02 my heart : paramore
03 put me back together : bad cash quartet
04 blood & ether : i are droid
05 what a catch, donnie : fall out boy
06 this is for keeps : the spill canvas
07 the light : jonna lee
08 too far gone : the all-american rejects
09 god rests in reason : jason mraz(selection for friends)
10 death and all his friends : coldplay
11 southern accents : christian and karla-theres kjellvander
12 10000 motherfuckers(selection for friends) : jason mraz

i remember someones face but then i forget their names

nantes : beirut
my home is nowhere without you : herman dune
forgive nothing : blood red shoes
i was made for you : she & him
kim and jessie : M83
no can do : sugababes
dog days : florence and the machine
move : cansei de ser sexy
the stoop : little jackie
boyfriend : alphabeat
destroyer : david gray
you´re no god : laura marling
another world : anthony and the johnsons



elephants : rachel yamagata
re: stacks : bon iver
think of you : a fine frenzy
just not each other : william fitzsimmons
forgiven : deb talan
god has a voice she speaks through me : cocorosie
breaking it up : lykke li
because its not love (but its still a feeling) : the pipettes
jungleland(live from NY) : bruce springsteen
i kissed a banquet : katy perry vs bloc party
i´m good, i´m gone(black kids remix) : lykke li

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